Knitted Structures

Masters Work, 2021

What is textiles? There are many different interpretations in answer to this question but to me, textiles is a form of craft; it is a huge source of inspiration, and consists of many complex processes and techniques.

My creative practice originally stems from a background in 3D design and craft. I specialised in ceramics and metal-smithing and from this unique perspective I have been able to utilise my skills and creative knowledge to study textiles and apply the techniques from a very different perspective.

The aim of this project was to go back to basics and learn the traditional textile processes and techniques, then to combine them with my material expertise. The technique that really captured my attention was knitting. where the complexity and Intricacy of the interlocking loops inspired me to push the boundaries of the materials traditionally used.

Over the course of my masters, I experimented and developed this process and feel that the materials used in my final piece, really reflects and highlights the complexity, repetitive nature and unity of the knitted structure.