The Cotton Project

This project was based on my research into the impact the fashion industry has on our climate and environment. Fashion consumerism has increased dramatically over the past decade, with more and more people buying into ‘fast fashion’, but with this trend comes increased consumption and more waste as clothes are irresponsibly disposed of more frequently.

The jewellery pieces I have created were inspired by the cotton plant, this beautiful and unique plant produces an amazing and versatile fibre however this valuable plant is also under threat from extreme farming and climate change. My rings are based on the capsules or cotton bolls on the plant stem and are symbolic of how we are exhausting our environment, they are made with the intention to remind the wearer of how precious our planet is and the repercussions if we don’t look after it.

I focused on traditional chain making methods to create the collar piece made to look like it had been woven. This piece again is a symbolic reminder of how we should be returning to more traditional and less harmful methods of making and how our children will be carrying the weight of our thoughtless actions.

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